1. "It all comes down to the last person you think of at night. That’s where your heart is"
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    Sometimes when I read misogynistic things that support rape culture and male entitlement I get so upset and angry all I can do is cry because no matter how strongly I stand for feminism and rationally uphold my arguments I feel like I’m not making much of a difference.
    I deserve equal pay I deserve to be safe in public places and around men I deserve to be treated with respect.

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  3. Today has been ruff. I#tongueouttuesday #mrgloves #doglife

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    Sex is great. I get it. Who doesn’t love sex? But it seems like that’s all that matters to anyone anymore. Where is the love? I want the intimacy and the Late night talks. I want to take you on dates and hold your hand in front of your parents. I want to kiss you in the middle of a crowded restaurant and take turns using cheesy pick up lines on each other until we both are laughing like crazy people. Those things are pleasurable too.

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  13. When someone says they don’t really like dogs

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    Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Appreciation Post


    or six.

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    The first ponds are finally finished and the resin has cured! I am so excited. They came out so great.

    This is my husband’s tin pond for his desk at work. He requested a tiny frog for his. :)

    The coral tin is almost done. I just need to pour a final layer of resin.

    Omg the notes how

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