1.      I sat in my living room with my roommates, Crystal&Liz, and Crystal’s girlfriend, Teresa, on a Sunday afternoon. We were expecting friends later that night for drinks, food, and social time. I suddenly brought up the longing to cut my hair. Within moments, I decided on a style, a chair was placed in the kitchen, and my locks were being pulled into a ponytail for the cut. The pony tail above is 18 inches and I felt nothing but happiness, as my roommates sat in anticipation and Teresa did the ultimate cut.

         I decided to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I looked into other programs (Locks of Love, Wigs 4 Kids, Children with Hair Loss, etc.) that were more focused on providing wigs for children, which is awesome, but I really liked the idea of this program because they provide wigs for women, who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatments. The idea that my own hair will possibly go to someone my age, the idea that a part of me is going to someone who is brave enough to accept their decision to use a wig as their own need/want and not because of societal pressures, the idea that I can ease at least one obstacle in a person’s battle with cancer, was enough for me to donate this organization.

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